• Rigell’s Record


    Rigell's Record

    Scott has a strong record of creating jobs, cutting spending, defending the military, and changing Congress. Check out Scott’s accomplishments!

  • Where’s Scott?


    Where’s Scott?

    Scott spends every day talking to folks across the district. Where is he today? Follow the campaign via Scott’s Facebook page!

  • Job Creation

    On the issues:

    Job Creation

    With nearly 30 years of business experience and ownership,
    I know the steps we must take to replace uncertainty with confidence in the job market.

  • Our Military & Veterans

    On the issues:

    Our Military

    Having served in the Marine Corps Reserve, I understand and respect the sacrifice our men and women in uniform, as well as their families, make every single day to keep us safe.

  • Energy

    On the issues:


    Energy independence is paramount for our economy and security. That means an all-of-the-above approach to harnessing our domestic resources.

  • The Debt

    On the issues:

    The Debt

    As a business owner I understand what it means to make a payroll, and as a common sense American, I understand that you can't spend more than you make.

  • Changing Congress

    On the issues:

    Changing Congress

    It's time we started holding our elected officials accountable for their actions and policies. If re-elected, I'll continue my effort to put Washington back on the right track.

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I've learned so much
from Scott. He is
a leader. He is a man
of high integrity.”


- Freedom Ford President
James Church

He appreciates everyone, and votes according to ideals and reason, not by party lines."


- Campaign Intern
Arisa Chentaphun

I've never met a
successful business
person who did
not have a bias
toward action."


- Congressman Scott Rigell

Scott does everything on a personal level, he votes on what is right for the district and for America."


- High School Student
Sean Lewis

Scott is serving us up in Washington D.C. and changing Congress."


- Virginia Beach Sheriff
Ken Stolle